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Previously I wrote about the time I fell down the stairs. Fortunately I came out of that experience without any scratches, bruises, or broken bones. I did develop a keen attitude of caution and respect for the dangers of stairs. …

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During the time I lived in the Dallas area my favorite place to go on my days off was a neat little park in Oklahoma, not very far past the state line.

It’s called Turner Falls. The waterfall there is beautiful. …

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When I was in the 3rd grade we lived in one side of a two-story duplex. The living room, dining room, and kitchen were on the ground floor. The bedrooms and the only bathroom were on the second floor.

We were upstairs getting ready to go out somewhere. I don’t…

It seems as if winter has decided to really arrive.

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My back yard went from bare ground to 2 feet of snow.

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From a very early age, I’ve been fascinated by railroads.

I have my dad to thank for this interest. He had a love of trains and once a week he would take me to the Union Station where we could park at a spot that had a good view of…

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Growing up in Houston, just 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay, it should be no surprise that at a fairly young age I was taught how to fish.

Over the years I learned the finer points of fishing from a number of different people. By the…

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It was late afternoon when Tom walked out on the pier. He only intended to watch the sunset and immediately head back to the shore before dark fell.

As everyone in town knew it was an absolute must to stay away from the pier at night. Over the past several…

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Party line phones. How well I remember those days. We had a 4-party line and when we upgraded to a 2-party line we thought we had really come up in the world.

I recall how often one of my parents would be talking on the phone and would stop their conversation to tell one of the other “parties” that they would be off the phone in a minute so they could use it. And of course there were the inconsiderate ones who would pick up their phone and instead of checking to see if someone else was on the line, would just start dialing. Yes, dialing — we didn’t have push-button phones back then.

And cell phones? Ha! In my early days, they would have been found only in science fiction stories.

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I was, I think, in the 3rd grade when my dad brought home a new Mix Master. The family gathered in the kitchen and watched him take it out of the box and set it up. …

Two Images from the fire cams at Lake Tahoe.

Sunset from Zephyr Cove webcam

Sunset from Zephyr Cove
Image: Tahoe Prosperity Center

Nightfall from South Lake Tahoe webcam

Louis Hart

I’ve been a writer and photographer for more years than I want to try and count. My preferred genre is whatever comes forth when I sit down to write.

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